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Eveil Et Decouvertes Poche

Eveil Et Decouvertes Poche


Bodybuilding Is My Favourite Hobby

Let me tell you a bit why I lose bodybuilding so much. The main reason why is that it makes me feel great. This is because the stronger I get then the better I get.

I am not someone who can stand to be or look average. I just have a need to really stand out from eh crowd and bodybuilding let see do that.

I also think it earns me respect from other guys and they don't mess with me. Although I am not a violent person, I do like the fact that it makes other guys think twice about trying anything with me.

I have been bodybuilding now for five years which is the longest I have done any hobby or activity for and i don't think I will ever stop - definitely not until something forces me to like a injury although heres hoping nothing like that every happens because i would be devastated.

Before I did bodybuilding I was always envious with other guys who had a really muscular chest and I just seemed to have bits of fat hanging off my chest which looked pathetic.

But now I have a really pumped up and manly chest which I am really proud of.

It just looks so good when my clothes are hanging off it and I love it when I see women looking at it, oh boy does it make me feel good.

The one thing i regret is not starting it earlier in my life because i think i missed out on so much. I really think I will be doing this when I am 90 years old and I really hope I am one one the worlds oldest bodybuilders. That would really be something special IMO.

Although one thing you need to start using is supplements because they really help you gain so much more muscle in a shorter amount of time. crazy mass is a really great supplement.